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Business Insurance

General Liability and Property

Businesses whether large or small, low risk or high risk, need protection for their premises, operations, and completed products. Our agency is able to provide such needs through our ability to access standard markets or specialty lines insurance carriers. Large businesses with various locations and large receipts are usually insured with a commercial package policy that tailors and bundles the various lines of insurance into one policy. For smaller less complicated businesses we offer a business owners policy or "BOP." This type of insurance combines general liability and property insurance into one policy and is usually appropriate for the small artisan contractor, retail, office, and service types of business.

Workers Compensation

Businesses are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance for the protection of their employees. We offer coverage for most types of business and are able to place most businesses with standard markets through national insurance carriers that offer risk control and management as part of their program as well as various payment options. We also have access through specialty programs for higher risk businesses and those types of operations deemed less acceptable by standard insurance companies.

Commercial Auto

Our agency can provide commercial auto liability from the small pick-up truck of the artisan, to the fleet of a large trucking operation. We are able to offer motor truck cargo liability for the large trucking operation as well as bob-tail insurance for the small independent owner operator. We are also able to place coverage for taxis and limousines.

Professional Liability

For businesses engaged in areas of expertise that require state licensing, a certain amount of higher education, and are bound by law to provide competent service because of special knowledge and skills, professional liability, errors and omissions or what is commonly called malpractice insurance is needed.

Professional liability is usually excluded from the general liability of the business and requires an additional policy to protect the professional in the event of an error or omission while performing or failing to perform a professional service.

Our programs for these lines are state of the art and are placed through our national insurance companies and offer such benefits as risk management, industry newsletters, pre-claims advice, and for some professions, continuing educations programs.

While most companies only dabble in this area,we have come to align ourselves with insurance carriers that have experts in each field and are able to advise both the agent and the insured about potential gaps in coverage.

It is not always advisable to have different insurance carriers providing the general liability and professional liability because of the potential for claims conflicts. While this situation is not always possible to avoid, we have a professional liability program that dovetails the business owners or general liability policy with the professional liability to help avoid coverage gaps.

We currently provide insurance coverage for the following types of professions:
  • lawyers
  • accountants
  • computer consultants
  • real estate agents
  • architects and engineers.

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